Throughout much of our descriptions of chairs we talk about ‘Actions’

The action is the steel frame or chassis onto which all the chair frame and foam upholstery is mounted.

Actions come in many different configurations and sizes that allow the chair to move in many different ways.

The most complicated version is our 4 motor chair which has separate motors and controls for the legrest, backrest, tilt function and vertical rise.   Although this gives infinite control of the chair it is expensive and the handset is complicated  and not suited for many clients.

The simplest action is the Single motor Tilt-in-space action which has a simple 2 button handset but the chair can still give a comfortable TV position with the legs up, a tilted back recline position with the legs elevated above the hips and a riser position for ease of exit from the chair. This action account for over 80% of our production.

The following pages show typical photos and a brief description of the 6 types of action we use.

In addition to these electric actions we can make ‘rise only’ and recline only’ if necessary.

For our Actions brochure please click here.