Foam & Pressure Relief

All standard primacare models use high resilient seat foams for comfort and long life. Chairs can be specified with different foam densities for softer seating where required. We also offer three optional extra seating types.

Visco - The combination of high density, high resilient foam base and visco elastic heat sensitive foam surface is idea for pressure reducing cushions.

PrimaGel - This cushion uses combustion modified high resilient foam with a profiled upper surface to increase pressure distribution, encasing a silicon gel sac, which dissipates pressure in high areas of loading.

PrimaGel+ - This cushion combines combustion modified high resilient foam with visco elastic heat sensitive foam and silicon gel to provide unrivalled pressure distribution.

Seat cut out - all chairs can be supplied with a seat cut out to enable the use of special seat cushion inserts, for example an air cushion. Fabric covered foam insert supplied with all chair seat cut outs.

Coolgel - This is a Proprietary Silicone Polymer designed to have the same physical characteristics as human fat tissue. The softness stays unchanged at any temperature. The polymer is a solid and will not flow or leak if punctured. It is Hypoallergenic- it does not contain latex or isocyanates.It is odourless and the cellular design allows air to circulate between the cells to minimize heat and moisture build up.An even pressure distribution contours to the underlying surface.

Air Cushion

Dynamic pressure relief seat cushion and pump.

• 6 cell dynamic cushion.

• 9 min 36 second, 2 cell cycle

• maximum weight 19 stone, 121kgs.